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vivre la belle vie

Wow, a lot has happened in the past several weeks. I have a new host family in Lyon. My visa arrived in Nebraska.  I am immunized for foreign travel. And, I condensed a condo-load of stuff (albeit an itty-bitty condo) down to 2 suitcases, 1 duffle bag, 1 backpack, 1 guitar, 4 storage totes, 1 file box and  5 boxes of books, all of which stuffed neatly-ish into the cargo area of a 1999 Chevy tracker my family has affectionately named Baby Truck.

Everything I own fits in the back of Baby Truck!

I am also back in Santa Cruz working, translating Book One of Metamorphoses by Apuleius, and reading Charles Dickens’ Bleak House in preparation for the 2012 Dickens Universe. In addition to work, translating and reading, I am housesitting three character-laden cats and three wily escape-artist bunnies with my friend Melissa. Let’s just say that I can identify with Elmer Fudd… don’t worry, I certainly won’t be killing any “wabbits” – they hop too fast, and like Buggs they can be quite charming!

This is the path I walk every night on my way home from work – gotta love the ocean view!

Anyway, I will be tackling the following four topics within the next couple of weeks:  why I chose to live with a host family; arranging for my visa; the not so Zen de-cluttering of my life; and UCEAP health clearance. Thank you for your patience!


Although not extraordinarily original, the wordpress-supplied title “Hello World!” is an apropos introduction to the overall project of this blog. And, to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything better. This cheery greeting anthropomorphizes the post just enough to give it its own personality, as if my entire blog itself has become a creature apart from its author with a distinct voice. I like this possibility since I intend to explore my own entry into a literal and metaphorical new world – to explore what happens when the boundaries of a life are pushed – when a Nebraska/Wyoming girl travels to France as an adult re-entry student from California to live and study for one year.

The adventure of going to France, much like this blog, is a new creature in my life – one I don’t think I’ve reached an accord with. It is still its own thing, incredibly exciting, scary, and completely fascinating – in a word sublime. As such, I suspect it will be a chapter of my life apart, demanding that its nitty-gritty minutia and inexpressible wonders be documented.

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